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A corporate Marketing Specialist, a budding photographer and an avid traveller- Deepinder Singh lends himself well to our popular button detailed shirts! In his free time he blogs about travel (https://www.instagram.com/thats_so_sikh/) and also plays the Ukele!


 His energetic, cheery and light-hearted attitude won us over on set , that we decided to style him in our most cheerful shirts from the Spring/ Summer collection! Deepinder meets many prospective clients, people from the industry and outside, hence making an impression matters!

Our Button Detailed Shirts create a styling hack for work , occasions and impromptu meetings for business and pleasure. The contrasting colour of the collar button on these shirts stand out effortlessly and quite naturally when worn with formal trousers or even a casual pair of classic Grey Jeans. The hack here is to give your look a touch of difference with simple well made -staples that lay emphasis on one or two “ styling” details!

While we were shooting on the sunny and colourful streets of Mumbai we asked DP a few questions about his view on life and style!


Bombay Streets? Inspire you or scare you? –  They somewhat do both. Bombay streets if not scary can be very intimidating. One just needs to take a step back and you will look at the world with a news perspective. The whirlpool of busyness  that people live in day in day out is absolutely astounding.


Your go to for having a good laugh?- 

Jimmy Carr special on netflix or Top Gear, that show always cracks me up!


Dream country to visit?

Its difficult to pinpoint one, but of lately I have been deeply gravitated towards Iceland & Japan. Iceland for the sheer naturalistic beauty & Japan for a totally different cultural experience.


What does travel mean to you?  Tell us more about your Travel blog/ Photography/ instagram?

Travelling is joy and therapeutic. I have been blogging my travel journey more seriously in the last few months & best part is the engaging with others like you who are on a similar journey.


Must have clothing item every man should have?

A crisp White shirt ; one cannot go wrong with that!


What do you think about The Uomo Co?

Great shirts, vibrant colours and great fits! Subtle details definitely make it stand out in the clutter of shirts which are available online!

Write in to us  at care@theuomoco.com for any tips on styling, wardrobe or any other personal shopping query. We are here to #formyourwardrobe

Photographer : Rutvij Kotak

Styling : Ria Kanal

Location : The Streets of Bombay, Bandra, India

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